Hello and welcome to the Swaps crypto blog. It's been a crazy and hectic few months of non-stop and enthusiastic work to make this happen, and we're delighted to officially announce our blog launch today 🚀

We're here to share our thoughts, stories, and ideas about crypto. Our posts will not only give a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrencies and the way this industry works but will also share helpful tips on how you can grow your business with Swaps Crypto Payment Gateway on Swaps for Business and other sections of the blog.

About Swaps

We were fed up with the ultra lengthy and highly complicated process of buying cryptocurrencies–that’s exactly why we launched Swaps, to solve this fundamental problem. Disrupting and completely reinventing the old way, we are the change this industry craves.

Swaps is a fully compliant and regulated European company with a Canadian MSB license creating user-friendly and easy-to-integrate crypto payment solutions for online businesses. While it mostly focuses on providing B2B crypto services, Swaps also allows buying crypto through its multifunctional widget and mobile app, available both on App Store and Google Play, making the crypto buying experience far easier for individuals.

The company was founded in 2019 in Estonia and currently operates in more than 160 countries worldwide. Swaps users can buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, and USDT (Tether) through its widget and mobile app. Other coins are coming soon.

Fresh content, delivered

Stay up to date with the industry news and updates on News and Crypto Monday rubrics, and learn about crypto on Crypto 101 and Tutorial sections if you're just starting with crypto.

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